found (#3)

Darebin hard rubbish started with a bang this past weekend.  My ‘hood was first off the mark.  

And oh boy, I am still recovering.  I spent three days hard at work … shedding.  Extra garden things (including two lawn mowers) gone!  And I went through the house and I emptied the tool cupboard, and I sorted and reorganised the studio.  And I chucked, chucked, chucked.   I reckon I put at least 4 cubic metres of stuff out on the nature strip.  Hooray!

… Because in the process (the hard rubbish process where the whole neighbourhood is out exchanging trash for treasure) I also found heaps of great new (to us) things that we REALLY need as well … like this rip stick?  Hmmm.


  1. I am on the lookout for a work bench and a mirror to hang on my back fence as my last one broke and i miss it soooo much. Let me know if you see any! Let me know if you are on the lookout for anything in particular also….hard rubbish week is hard to resist, but so far I have resisted..mainly as I have not seen anything I REALLY need…such control on my part!

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  2. Wow, wish I was there, I LOVE hard rubbish
    . I myself have just disposed of a rip stick, similar to the one you found! I bought it at the tip recycling years ago. I wonder if yours will get more action than ours did


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