art4all 2015

Here we go, the beginning of the end.  Yep, for the next few months I’ll be periodically banging on about Art for All again.

It’s not on til 11-13 September but it’s time to get cracking and start the organising.  

So, I have spent a few days tidying up the website.  You can check it out here.  Or visit at your leisure. I changed the header colour from yellow to pink … what do you think?  I can change it again if you have any STRONG views.

It really is so exciting … which artists will exhibit works (I love the pot luck nature of an open art show where anyone can exhibit)?  Who will be our feature artists?  What amazing children’s activities will run on family day?  What will the gallery shop look like this year without Petra running it, and who will have stock it there this year?

Art4All is like all my favourite things all coming together.  Art and food and making and doing and kids focused on great creative stuff … I am fundamentally committed!  I wish every day was Art4All.

Anyway, you may notice that my enthusiasm waxes and wanes as the organisation consumes my entire life … but it’s good to start on a high, don’t you agree? 

This is the postcard featuring art by Erin Greer. Donna designed it.



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