little concrete planters (step 2)


So … Sue, I FINALLY!!!!* started painting those concrete pots we made so long ago.  Yes.  Sometimes a half finished project can sit around for a while at my house.

But it’s GREAT that I finally got to them.  Right?  The hold-up was that I was wondering what paint to use on them.  But I have overcome this significant hurdle.  See?

Now I just need to take steps 3 and 4, namely

  • Sealing the pots inside and out, and 
  • Filling up these gorgeous little pots with plants.

Neither of which are as simple as they sound (of course) because a) I don’t have a matt sealer handy (and I don’t want them to be shiny) and b) I don’t have any tiny plants to put in them.

On the up side, I do have charcoal and potting mix!

*the superfluous exclaimation marks are for you Katrina … I know how much you love them.


  1. They look great. I painted one of my square ones with gold just across corners to sit on my outdoor table on Christmas day as I had a gold theme….the plant is still kicking on surprisingly….must be VERY hardy…..

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