jar cooking no.1 (satay)

When I was little I had one Nanna that cooked oxtail stew, roasts, boiled chops and tongue.  All that good Nanna stuff.

And one that specialised in tinned baby carrots and peas, frozen fish fingers and stew from a can.

So I grew up with an equal appreciation of slow cooked food … and food that was a bit less fuss (I actually quite liked those baby carrots). 

These days sometimes I go for the simpler option.  On those days when quite frankly I just can’t be bothered.  For me it’s jars.  There are a few that I keep in my pantry.    This satay sauce is one of them.

Some chicken or prawns, some skewers (if you want to get fancy), rice and some accompanying vegetables/salad.  And possibly a BBQ …

Ta da.  Dinner is cooked.  Tasty (and very spicy). Sometimes I mix in a little coconut milk to cool it down a bit.

Can you recommend any other satay sauce of the ‘not exactly homemade’ variety?  I remember someone mentioning that the Costco one is pretty good …


  1. My favourite satay is the recipe in the Jamie Oliver 30-Minute-Meals book – it’s very quick and easy. But if really can’t be bothered doing anything, I do like the pre-marinated Lilydale chicken satay drummettes or any of the curries by The Spice Tailor (Indian curries) – they’re not in a jar but come with some dry spices, a base sauce and then another sauce for volume (a three step process but taste really good).


      1. The Lilydale chicken is in the meat section in vacuum-bags. The Indian curries are usually with the jars of Pataks etc.


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