a block of high street

I used to live just off High Street in Northcote.  It was my local place and I got to experience the start of it’s transformation to urban cool, foodie hood.

Here’s what happened.  Gainsborough closed down, The Northcote Social Club opened up.  The second hand white goods shop closed down.  Pizza Meine Leibe opened up.  Now there’s just the cheap veggie/flower shop left … And Bisetto of course (excellent strudel if you need take dessert somewhere).  

When India was born a dad from our birthing class used to work at the Wesley Anne.  And we often went there to listen to music and pretend we still lived in North Fitzroy sans a cranky child (but with our cranky child in tow).  And at the same time we got to relive the horrors of childbirth (3 days of ‘pre-labour’ – I still don’t know what that means ‘cos it bloody hurt a lot) with our new birthing friend.  Oh, the days!

Anyway …

I DO like High Street.  My favourite block?  Between Mitchell and Bastings streets.  Last week I went there for lunch.  To Joanne’s Kitchen.

Yum.  I have been wanting to go there for a while.  I just felt in my bones that it was going to be good.  I think it’s the sign that did it for me.  

Yep, that’s it.  It’s SO handmade and dinky and low key.  Hand drawn on a piece of paper. Stuck in an IKEA frame.  And the little flower thing … It’s like nod to crafty cool.  

Anyway, EXCELLENT dumplings.  EXCELLENT.    

And then I did my usual thing.  The Local Shop. A longing look into Palomino’s (did I need a coffee as well?).  And the little shoe shop.  And here’s something new – life drawing classes at Northcote Gallery with a window display of art that I recognised … hello Stephen Armstrong!


And then a quick browse on the western side of the road.

I like The Friendship Tree because they sell local things. Like hand knitted stuff by talented people in the ‘hood.  I know this because the lovely Ril at school had knitting for sale there for a while.  So much crafty stuff to generally admire and inspire.

And then I went to Mim Found Ena.  Such a great shop.  I really love this place.  Speaking of local.  They make there clothes right there in the shop.  Every time I go there I come home and think about sewing something myself.  


Next to tick off, I Dream A Highway (great socks and Angus and Celeste planters in amongst the clothes and jewellery, shoes and handbags and Obus (for a closer look at their winter knits – I follow them on Instagram and thought the new colours looked fun).

And finally A Quirk of Fate – another locally stocked shop.  Nice.  

I was done.  Note I bypassed Big Deams, the kids toy shop and also the cheap and second hand book shops.  It was all about food and clothes this time.

And home just in time for school pick up. 

Do you go to High Street?  What are your favourite places?

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