future shopping

It is my downfall.  Well one of them.

Sometimes I see something at the op shop or on the side of the road or at a second hand shop that I ❤️ and I just can’t resist.  

Something I just have to have.

Because … I know it’ll look ace in my ‘future house’.

And unfortunately, when I say ‘future house’ I might be underplaying things a little.  Because I don’t just have one future house.  I definitely have my ‘dream renovation future house’.  That’s my current house with a massive renovation (and a pool and a tennis court replacing the ugly house to our north).  Of course everyone has this future house I expect (well I guess everyone who hasn’t already done their dream reno, right?)   But I also have my ‘future holiday house’ to think about – and furnish – as well.

No wonder I’ve got so much stuff.

So look.  These baskets are a prime example.

When I have a beach house/country house with an open fire I am going to definitely keep firewood in one.  And maybe twigs and pine cones in the other.  They are going to look fab. huh?  A bit like this picture I recently pinned.  

Note they only cost $10 each.  So I couldn’t possibly leave them behind.  Not when I could picture so clearly how I’d use them.

In the meantime they’ve been sitting in my hall.  Because I don’t actually have a fireplace.  Or a holiday house. 

So instead of being an asset they’ve been sitting right in the way … Representing a dream … Actually being a nuisance.

Today I finally relocated one on top of the hall cupboard and one on top of the wardrobe.  And they look pretty good up there.

But I just know they’ll look even better in the future house!  

One comment

  1. I like the look of these baskets and getting such big ones is a great find! Now you need to store and use them well, so that the are all ready for that dream holiday house. Sounds like a dream worth having.


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