the life of a crafty mother

Ali is organising the Mother’s Day stall at school again and Sue and Trish and other crafty women (read mothers …yes the very same future recipients of the goods for sale) are rallying around.  

Yesterday as we discussed the benefits of ‘dry fryers’ (who knew … not I obviously) Sue and I churned out 70 necklaces, Daniella made a gazillion bookmarks and Ali turned kilograms of wax and wicks into candles in second hand cups and glass vessels.

Don’t you think it’s a bit funny (and not funny haha, but funny sad) that we are making our own presents … oh, the lot of a crafty mother!  

But … I just want to say that it might be worth it … because even after having made the necklaces, and having put the wicks in the candles, I would still like either of these for Mother’s Day.  They look good don’t they?

So friends, once again you’ve done an outstanding job.  Maybe even better than last year?  Ali, I really think your Etsy craft supplies shopping is definitely paying off.  


  1. Very clever ladies. U r so inspiring. U r sp lucky to have each other to do this together. U r so lucky to have useless things to make usefull things. Luv it. Go Ali. Wish I could get one of the candles for mothers day.x


  2. Hahaha…. Is’nt it always the way… We buy, make or source our own pressies.
    Always more fun crafting with friends. Thanks ladies 😍


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