celebrating the small stuff

My wardrobe has been calling me. Well really the floor in front of my wardrobe.  

It’s been calling softly (muffled from the pile) ‘Leanne, you have too many clothes’.

And the floor is right.

With the change of season I have been doing a bit of shopping.  And NOW I can’t fit all of my clothes in my wardrobe.

Specifically my jeans and pants.

But … Things have changed.  I have done a cull.  I got out all my ‘not sure’ clothes and tried them on.  And then did a RUTHLESS assessment and chucked them out.


My wardrobe is now minus 8 pairs of pants/jeans/leggings and three pairs of tights.


Now I just have to actually take them to the op shop (always my downfall). 

I can do it.  I can do it.  I can do it …

One comment

  1. Yes = take them to the op shop….where you can have a quick look and come home with more than you dropped off! Is there such a thing as too many clothes? I just say we don’t have enough storage room! (I’ve just sadly packed away my summer frocks and unpacked my little bundle of woollen skirts because of our “storage problem”!.)

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