two blocks of gertrude street (my sunshined soul)

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful.  And I went down to Gertrude Street.  Just for an hour.  Before school pick up.   For a little walk.  My destination – Dean’s Art … but I stopped in at a few places along the way.

First I called into Australian Print Workshop.  They were setting up a new exhibition, so I took a peak and then had a browse through the unframed works.  I admired a bony print by Beth Croce.  And was very taken with the indigenous art printed by Martin King. There were some fabulous greylead works … I’d like one of those … I really would!

And then, I popped in to tarlo & graham.  How lovely!  Just my sort of shop. I took two snaps for ispyphotographyprojects ‘numbers’.  Just in case Kiara is still missing them in her Instagram project …   

 When I reached my destination I splashed out on a hogs bristle ink brush and a fine tipped paint brush. They cost about $5 (not really splashing out I know…).  And I was going to buy some paper, but I couldn’t commit.  Another day perhaps.

On the way back to my car park I swapped sides of the road and wandered past Books for Cooks (love it).  Anada (yum, love it too). And Enoteca (always SO good, don’t you agree?)  This is my most favourite model for a restaurant – no booking, just pop in for one guaranteed delicious main meal that changes regularly.  And of course, the smoked eel and beetroot relish entree that is always on the menu … and to die for …  

THEN, the loveliest thing happened.  I was admiring the floor cushions and screen printed timber at Spacecraft when the person in the shop commented on the weather.  And I said that I had chosen shopping instead of washing on such a glorious day.  And I left the shop with her response ringing in my ears,

 Go out and fill your soul with sunshine.

How nice, right?  As I purchased my coffee on the corner of Smith Street at Burnside and wandered back to my car (no ticket, hooray!! … I’m always a bit nervous in this neck of the woods) I was still buoyed by the sunshine line. 

Gertrude Street – me and my sunshined soul will be back!


  1. How lovely! Very inspiring day out and I love it when random things happen or you get inspired by something someone says. Just lovely. And a cool street name too! x


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