cards (paper off cuts)

If you go in to KW Doggett (do you know them, they are paper people and their big warehouse is up in Preston near Masters) you can buy a bag of paper off cuts for $5 or $10 (or something that is a bargain).  Of course, you never know what the off cuts will look like exactly.  Sometimes they are shiny, sometimes plain.  Sometimes coloured.  Sometimes white.  

Anyway, every now and then I pop in and buy some.  And use them to make cards.

Like these.  

Featuring futuristic flowers drawn with a uniball pen.  It’s part of my vague idea about colouring-in-meditation.  Because I do like a bit of doodling.  And I figure I may as well be making something useful rather than just decorating the edge of a page.

And I broke open a new set of water colour paints to add a bit of colour.  Someone gave them to one of the kids for a birthday present.   Perfect.

I quite like them (the cards that is).  Maybe I’ll make some more.


  1. Your cards are gorgeous. You are very talented. Back in the day when I worked as a graphic designer I used to get samples and off cuts from all the paper suppliers. KW Doggett were always the best. Those were the days….


  2. These are really gorgeous – so much more than a doodle! You should do more! Have ever played with drawing on the computer and adobe illustrator? You’d be good at it.

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