second hand cool

I bought the May issue of Home Beautiful and was thrilled to see the cover teaser –

Made by hand.  Decorate with exquisitely crafted finds and time-worn treasures for a heart-filled haven.

I just knew that I was going to like what I saw when I got to that section … AND all in my very favourite colour, blue.  Tick.  And beds and couches stacked with cushions. Tick.  And linen.  Tick.  And mismatched dining rooms. Tick.

AND hand made ceramics. Tick. Tick. Tick.

I have been MEANING to enrol in a ceramics course for a year now.  I am keen to make a nice set of wonky serving platters and bowls for Christmas presents for my sisters. Something like these or these.

And learn how to glaze.

And maybe make some slightly wonky cups as well.  I think I’d really extra love my morning coffee out of a cup I had made myself … And I reckon that if I am aiming for wonky I won’t (fingers crossed) be disappointed with my efforts???!!

And so my job for today …. STOP trying to book in online at Northcote Pottery (it hasn’t worked out for me three terms in a row) and RING THEM AND ACTUALLY FIND OUT HOW TO GET IN TO A COURSE.

(And yes, I’ve added this job to my diary Mum – and thanks, it’s great!)

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