mass craft – poppies


I love shared craft.  I went in to the city yesterday and discovered that the mass of ANZAC Day poppies at Federation Square that I saw in the paper are all hand made.  Which I sort of knew.  But I assumed they were paper.  But actually they are mostly knitted or crocheted.  And some have been felted and sewn.  They’ve all got individual centres, and slightly different patterns.  And they look amazing together.

And they are everywhere.  Not just massed in the forecourt.  Some with stems are planted in garden beds further up into the square.  And they are hanging in all the glass display cases adjacent to the Edge Gallery … and displayed on boards out the front of the NGV.  

Such a shame it was raining so much (they did look a bit soggy in some spots).

A crafty project started by two crafty people, now adopted by thousands.  So lovely.  I wish I’d made one …

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