a knitters life

Yep. I’ve been on the job.  Knitting my little heart out.

And I’ve finished my black scarf (not a moment too soon given the freezing weather in Melbourne).

Now I am starting to knit Elise a cushion out of the same wool.  For her new couch (she bought it on EBay, and had it reupholstered and it is so great, I will definitely take some pics of it).

 AND I picked up some more wool.  From the new Savers at Ringwood.  To knit my furry friend a jumper.  Only the best for Charley – 85% wool, 15% silk.  I think the raspberry and lolly pink tones are going to look super cute with her shaggy black fur!

This is the pattern I will attempt.  So excited.  I might put the cushion on hold and start this project right now!

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