where to store the dog food?

I know. It’s definitely an inner urban (ie. small house) first world problem.

As you probably know we’ve got a new dog.  Charley.  She’s gorgeous of course.  And we love to bits.

But we (well I actually, because truthfully no one else has turned their mind to the issue, or probably cares) have had a bag of dog food sitting around for the last couple of weeks.  With no real home.  And it’s been getting on my nerves.

So I have now officially assigned two of the three stripey blue canisters to dog food storage.  One for dry food.  One for reward food.  

  And I have moved them to the top of the little cupboard in the hall.  And combined them with my most favourite painted tin.  Which stores the cat food.

And I have put all the cat and dog paraphernalia in cupboard, in the little shelf accessed via the cute red handle.

Oh happy happy organised days!

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