project olives

Our olive tree is nearly on the ground this year.  It is groaning under the weight of the fruit.

And, sucker that I am, I am venturing in to the world of preserving once again.

Last year was so VERY unsuccessful that I am reluctant to begin, but then I also can’t bear NOT TRYING.  And wasting all that fruit.

But I am starting slow.  And getting myself better informed.  I have been trawling the Internet for recipes and tips.

Lot No. 1. I am trying (for the very last time I swear) the water followed by brine method.  

The tips?

1.  I am making sure they are weighed down in the water this year.  No floating olives for me.

2. I am slitting them to speed up the leeching process.

3.  I am using the floating egg method to determine how salty my water should be when I get to the brine stage.

4. I am going to store them in a cool place for the whole time (so yes, I will clean out the bottom shelf of the pantry for this purpose).

5. I AM going to change the water every day (I AM I AM I AM I AM).

6. In their final resting jar I will seal them with a slug of olive oil.



I’ll let you know how it goes.


    1. Hi Julianne, you should try the salting method too. Search ‘gardening australia preserving olives’. This is fail safe in that your olives don’t go off. But they can get too salty. Just keep checking the taste.


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