the old stables

Sometimes I look at Country Style magazines, or Home Beautiful magazines where people convert old stables and they are so gorgeous, and I am so envious. I wish I owned some old bluestone stables to convert.  Or even to just grow some lavender in front of to look at and admire.  And dream about the possibilities of what I could do with them one day.

Like these!


Four years ago Pricey’s Mum and Dad bought Strathkellar in Hamilton.  It has a lovely architect designed house and some gorgeous old trees in the garden, including the gnarled old olive in the photo above, but the MOST amazing feature is this beautiful bluestone stable building.  In near original condition.

So many possibilities.  Don’t you think? 

We went to Jenny and Max’s and had a lovely lunch in the garden on Easter Sunday.  And ogled.  And dreamed.

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