a second hand walk (to the letterbox)


Yesterday I took the kids for a walk.  To the letterbox.  

On the farm the letterbox is a 1km walk.  So it took a while.

Hughie rode his training wheel bike (purchased at the tip shop).  And wore the gumboots that I bought him for $2 at Spensely Street fete.  And gave him for our second hand Christmas.

And Mietta wore a gorgeous little hand-me-down dress.

And I took the double Urban Buggy pram that I picked up in hard rubbish somewhere near Moonee Valley a few years ago now (all it needed was new tyres.  What a great find!).  It was my back up for when Mietta started slowing down.

And I won’t even start on what I was wearing …

But it was definitely a second hand walk to the letterbox.

P.S.  Sorry I missed a post yesterday.  You can blame the hopeless Optus network in this neck of the woods …

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