what I’m reading and what to read next

I bought five books at St Joseph’s Fete last Friday night.  Charley ate one of them yesterday morning. Not all of it of course,  but she gave the hardback cover a good gnaw. Luckily it was a book I bought for India and she already owned it.

Note to self, keep books off the floor now we have a puppy.

This week I’ve been meandering through one of my five purchases, Family Baggage by Monica McInerney.  

And continuing with the Australian author theme, I also bought Sophie Lee’s book ‘Alice In La La Land’ at the fete.  It is described on the cover as ‘a fast paced romp with a clear moral and a happy ending’.  Perfect for me.  Sometimes – very often – I like to know where I am going with a story.  Have you read it.  Should I start it next?

Or should I delve into ‘Burial Rites’ by Hannah Kent?  It has just dropped into my audiobooks on BorrowBox (via Darebin Library).  I know it’s going to be harrowing … And now I’ve borrowed it I am not sure whether I will love it as an audiobook …  Maybe I should actually READ it.  Or maybe I am just not up to a sad story in any form …

Any thoughts?


  1. Listen to Burial Rites. It is the best audio book I’ve listened too. It’s a bit bleak but really beautifully written. You’ll love it!

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