I’d like to write a creative and interesting post about something, but I am struggling.  Because I am consumed with fences.

Two days of manual labour has resulted in 4 holes, a straight side fence (fingers crossed it stays that way) thanks to some creative support posts and extensive concreting and the ‘potential’ of a new side picket fence.

I’ve got a plan.  I’ve got all the timber. It’s just that actually executing the plan is taking longer than I anticipated.

Luckily Dad has been helping.  He really does have the right tool for everything!

And so hopefully by Monday I’ll be done.

And we’ll have a lovely picket fence to match my emu wire gate.


Hard to believe this tiny hole took so long to dig – it doesn’t look very impressive for all the effort expended, does it?

This new post will gopefully keep the fence upright


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