I dropped in to my friend Myf and Simon’s house, and they had a new light shade.  Made my an Australian designer.  But I didn’t hear who.  I wasn’t paying attention but I’ll ask today.  Anyway I like it.  

It reminds me of those stackable aluminium travel cups that came in the zipped vinyl carrier that was permanently stored in the glovebox of the family Kingswood or Valiant when I was little.

And when you drank orange cordial from them eeww.  The metallic taste was always a bit icky.  But everyone had them.  Drinks from those cups were the taste of childhood picnics.

Anyway, this light shade fits right in with the swanky bathroom at their house. Although it is in the dining room, and obviously, the bathroom is, well, in the bathroom.  None-the-less it’s the gold I am talking about. 


The main bathroom at Myf and Simon’s is just so fun. Check out the gold walls.   Some sort of metallic sheeting.  And the full length mirror walls.  And the stone.  It is completely OTT in the nicest possible way … I wish I was brave enough for a bathroom like this.  Every time I walk in I ALWAYS want to take a bath here.  


But what I want to point out is the styling. Check out the plant pots.  Tin cans painted with metallic paint.  Bringing it all back to real.  So Myf and Simon. Perfect I think.  

I wonder whether Shaynna and Darren would agree … are you watching The Block?

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