garden gates …

They’re my new, sudden, current obsession. 

Funny how a puppy gets you thinkng about garden gates!

We have a front fence and gates that are made out of emu wire.  But I am worried Charley is going to escape out underneath.  So side gates are all of a sudden on my radar.

I have some options at home already. I have a cream wire gate from Mezzy’s farm (I think … alternatively it was from hard rubbish … I can’t remember now).  This is the gate I used to make the chook yard out the back.  But it could have a new life as a side gate?

And another green wire gate from Lu’s farm.  

Yesterday I found out that if I wanted a new one pretty much just the same it would cost hundreds of dollars.  So I was pretty pleased that I took the opportunity to acquire these when I did.

So whilst the nice man who came to my house from the picket fencing company was fairly dismissive of these options, I think (actually I am pretty sure) that when I get the quote I might go back to them (his over-the-shoulder comment as he left that the new feature fence he proposed down the driveway will be ‘quite expensive’ made me a bit jumpy). 

I think the green one from Lu’s is pretty good at the very least.  The wire isn’t broken. The pattern at the top matches the existing gates near enough (which is good enough). So all it really needs is a sand and a paint.  And to save $500 I reckon I could do that!   

I’ll wait for the quote to see …

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