the loaded basket

I had this vague idea ages ago that someone should start a catering business that was about picnics.  It would be excellent for country weddings or events at beautiful venues that didn’t have food (wineries for example) to be able to combine a fab. location with a gourmet picnic food experience.

I even have a long standing Pinterest board titled ‘picnic packaging’ because I thought this idea was so fun.  And kept getting caught up in the ‘how could one do it’ dream.

Then the whole ‘cool food vans’ thing came along … with some even serving from vintage caravans (lovely), and it was sort of nearly, but not quite the same thing.

And then … when I was in Bright over summer I was walking down the street and spotted some vintage picnic gear.  And some red painted fruit picking baskets.  Outside a shop called ‘the loaded basket’.

So I went in to find out more.

Ho, ho, oh.  How exciting.   Sort of just what I was imagining. Nearly.

I was thrilled. Truly.  How exciting.

So, they sell picnics for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  And groups and couples.  And you can buy a cardboard picnic box. Or provide your own.  Or borrow some of their groovy second hand, vintage, super fun gear for your picnic.  Which I think might be my most favourite part of the whole thing.

Ace!  Don’t you think?  And I just discovered you can check out the delicious food they offer on Instagram @theloadedbasket.

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