thrifty finds #13

look, the cushions look super with the rug!

I bought two olive green velvet cushion covers at the op shop a while ago.  I liked them because they reminded me of my Nanna.  I am not sure if it is the colour or the fabric.  She had lots of olive/mid green in her house when I was little.  And lots of velvet.

Lucky I bought them and found an insert, as they are proving invaluable as the dog bed.

Last night I had quite a break through with the cushion, the puppy and some leftover roast chicken.  My instructions ‘on the bed’ followed by ‘stay’ were so much more effective with some Rooster Bar chicken as a reward!  (and I breathed a sigh of relief I can tell you – finally some traction).

The Rooster Bar may be my new best friend … and the olive green cushion.  But I am not forgetting (wo)man’s best friend of course!

she is very cute huh?


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