pictures of pirates and treasure island (the box maze)

Our school fair was on Saturday and our box maze was great!  A constant stream of kids was moving through it all day.  It took them 3 or 4 minutes to get through.  And a few adults had a crack as well. Some kids went through more than 15 times!

Here’s the pirate ship.  It looks so good doesn’t it!

And here’s the entrance and exit (the castles).

And this is what you didn’t see from the outside … It’s not that pretty I know.  In the end I think we used about 60 or so boxes, all refrigerator size, and joined them with cable ties and tidied them up with packing tape.

But here’s the pirate treasure room.  It looked snazzy.  I took photos of the teachers dressed up as pirates to hang on the wall.  And put all the treasure in as well.

And the fairy room. Just for the kids not that in to pirates …

It was quite a spooky experience to supervise the box maze actually, as you could hear the kids moving around, but you didn’t see anyone …

Overall it was a smash hit.  Maybe once I’ve recovered I might even be tempted to think about doing it again next year…


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