our new puppy

We bought a new puppy yesterday.  I’ve never owned a puppy before.

In the first 5 hours of ownership she pooped on the dining room rug, did a wee on India’s bedroom rug, vomited in the car (and all over Jemima), pooped on the floorboards in our room and finished off with another wee on the floorboards in Jemima and Scarlett’s room (and that’s only because I caught her in time and relocated her off yet another rug). 

Aagh!  I just know my mum will be rolling her eyes and saying ‘ I told you so’ as she reads this.

But she looks cute huh?  The dog I mean.   And the kids are smitten.

And, damn it, if other people can train their puppies surely I can too* …

Oh, and her name’s Charley.  She is 11 weeks old.


* any tips would be most welcome!  I have taken up the rugs already …


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