found (or) on the side of the road #1

If you have been enjoying my thrifty finds posts, but don’t like to actually pay ANYTHING for stuff …. then today is your lucky day.  

Because I am starting a new ‘thing’.  A free ‘thing’. I think I’ll call it ‘found’ or perhaps ‘from the side of the road’. Or perhaps you have a suggestion for me?

Here’s post #1.  Subtitled ‘the weber table’.

Elise and I found this table on the side of the road.  Just up her street.  We were driving past and  I insisted she pull over, despite the potential embarrassment of neighbours seeing us picking up things.  Not that I actually EVER get embarrassed by picking up stuff.  I think it’s responsible and good for the planet to recycle … and so wasteful to just chuck useful stuff out.

Anyway, we bought it back home and Nick had just got a new weber Q … and it needed a table … and voila!

Who would possibly want a swanky plasticky weber trolley when you could have the neighbours perfectly weathered folding aluminium and hardwood table instead?  Lovely.


  1. My nephew and his wife joke to me about the boutique I frequent – “The Side of the Road Boutique” – and the state of my garage with its finds that are to become part of my “Upcycled Boutique” Although they loved it when I stumbled upon a perfect train table for their baby boy! Let those of us that peruse this exclusive boutique unite!

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