the picnic blanket and the folk festival

Did you notice I didn’t do a post yesterday?  It was a long weekend right … and we were away doing stuff.  And I was so busy doing (well, busy sitting and listening acually) that I didn’t get around to it.  But today I am back on track.

And I introduce my ‘new to us’ picnic blanket that is lovely and thick and wooly.  And it is nice and bright and fun  – pink and blue and green and purple. I think it came to our house via Elise?  And we used it for the first time and gave it a super workout over the long weekend at the Port Fairy Folk Festival (that was the ‘listening’).


we used the blanket outside

we used the blanket outside for sitting around in the sunshine


and we used it inside to sit around and listen to music (we are enjoying Shane Howard at this point)

and it was also super handy for tired children ...

and it was also super handy for tired children …

In waxing lyrical about it however, I note that it definitely seems that ‘blankets don’t reserve places’.  Who’d have guessed … but for some reason people are happy to move blankets … but don’t think to move chairs.

So, a note to any future Port Fairy Folk Festival attendees with kids in tow – don’t rely soley on the blanket, because in fact the chair/blanket combo is the go.

Anyway … we had a great time.  And caught up with friends … and listened to fun music.  And danced.  And learnt some circus skills.  And saw Sinead O’Connor (I REALLY loved her!!).  Twice.  Two days in a row.  So glad we went!

So maybe we’ll see you there next year – picnic blanket (and chairs) in hand!

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