making a cardboard castle

It’s been a bit of a crafty creative week this week.  And it’s all because of our upcoming school fair.  I am helping build a box maze. The box maze is going to look like a castle and start from a cardboard pirate ship.  Just to make it a bit more fun.

Yesterday Wendy and I made the castle entrance and exit.  It turned out to be very easy.  Our supplies … 2 election booths, 1 Stanley knife and 1 can of black spray paint. 

Wendy took on the role of architect (funny about that).  That is to say she cut the turrets and the doors and windows.  And I took on the role of builder … or painter.  Well really all I did was wield my spray paint to make the stones.

So fun.  Maybe I’ll become a graffiti artist … I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I love black spray paint!

So, they look pretty ace huh?  

We’ve left them in Scarlett’s 1/2 classroom. That’s where the box maze is going to be.  And I am sure the teachers will be able to find a good use for them til the fair.  

They’d make a fun reading corner don’t you think?

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