Did you know that you can grow succulents in glass vases?

Last week one of my Facebook friends did a post commenting that her succulents that reside permanently in glass vases are flowering.

And I thought to myself isn’t that just the BEST idea? Why haven’t I ever done this? 

 I HAVE some succulents in the garden because I collected them last year to make the garden chair for Art4All.  And I also used some in my terrarium of course … But I am not attached to them in the garden, they’re just there.  And as soon as I saw this idea I whipped them out of the soil in the backyard and stuck them in my vintage jars. 

So excited!

I love how they sit really low, and you look at the stem, and how the roots are all just there. Lovely. 

One comment

  1. I think I might have to copy that idea, it’s nice. I get tired of guessing when indoor plants need water. No guessing with these!


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