IMG_8820I like change. I am always of the view that a change is as good as a holiday. And since our extended summer holiday I think I am having ‘real life adjustment’ issues. In any case, there’s no doubt that I have been thinking about and making changes at our house.

On Friday I decided our entrance needed a little TLC.

So, I took the LOVE letters down from behind the kitchen sink, and placed them above the coat hooks. They add a bit more height to the entrance hall which is good I think. And I moved the pigeon holes down a bit, away from the doorway. Which makes the entrance feel a bit longer. And I put a picture over the ugly electrical box to hide it (the picture’s cute isn’t it? India did it in kinder). And I relocated my side-of-the-road/hard rubbish planter under the picture. Right in front of the window.


And then I added a collection of plants. With the sun coming in all day it is a happy place for plants to grow.

And I am feeling quite happy with my new arrangement.



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