could it be the most boring shopping trip in the world?

Look, I love shopping. I was excited to go, and happy enough to look at fabric swatches for about 20 minutes … but after that, well, to tell you the unvarnished truth, I was over it. I felt like I was 10 again, and looking at tapestry and needle craft at the Royal Melbourne Show with my Great-Aunty Jean.

Time to go! Really!

I sat down, stood up, then wandered around the showroom. Then sat down, and stood up again. Elise didn’t seem to pick up on the body language cues. After about an hour I started complaining. Loudly. JUST like I was 10.

We were at Warwick Fabrics* in Sackville Street, Collingwood looking for material to reupholster Elise’s two arm chairs and modular couch (all Ebay purchases). All that looking … all that indecision. Aargh!

The saving grace for this excursion – Momos just across the road on Smith Street. I had delicious chicken and mango inside out nori rolls for lunch. With toasted coconut sprinkles. When we finally escaped upholstery world that is. Yum!

So, black, blue or green with a bit of a fleck, or some texture. These are the super exciting swatches we brought home. I feel that they’re not a lot to show for half a day of hard work … Any thoughts?

* Actually it’s a beautiful shop, with loads of great fabrics. Very inspiring. I’m sure if I went there looking for fabric for my own couch it would have been ace! I think all my complaining is because we were shopping and it wasn’t all about me!


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