free exercise

I like free stuff.  I’m a big fan.  And I REALLY like free exercise. Because even if I commit financially to exercising sometimes I still struggle to commit in person (that is to say, the gym and I have a tricky friendship).

I was about to bite the bullet last year and sign up to the gym when I discovered ‘free exercise in the parks’. Darebin Council sponsors it. And I think mostly YMCA staff from Northcote Pool run it.

So yesterday morning from 9.30am til 10.30am I was doing a great pilates class with Jo the lovely instructor … and this was my view …


Can you imagine me on my yoga mat (second hand of course) under this beautiful peppercorn tree, Pilate-ing away.

For free. Super huh?

If you live in the ‘hood you can check out the Darebin timetable here. It really is fabulous. Especially because everyone is welcome … women, men, retirees, workers, school mums, new mums and their babies. And dog lovers. Everyone.

Oh, and I saw that Melbourne City Council has started a similar thing in their gardens (starting at 6.30am for the early risers I think). Maybe every Council will offer it soon!

It’s a really great idea.  Really.


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