creme brûlée … now I just need to make it

imageRemember I got the white individual dishes and the blow torch thing to make the crispy toffee top for Christmas? Well now I have got a recipe … and I am super, super inspired.

I found this in a Delicious Magazine at our Mt Beauty holiday house. Looks yum huh?


The recipe seems very similar to the creme caramel recipe I often make (which came out of a Home Beautiful or House and Garden magazine … I can’t remember which). I always find it relatively simple, as long as I keep a very close eye on the caramel, because it has a tendency to burn … but that’s the challenge of creme caramel isn’t – the nearly burnt caramel flavour….

And the beauty of creme brûlée – not worrying about this step! You just torch it at the end and it’s done (well, that’s how it appears on Masterchef etc. anyway).

So now I am completely 100% ready. I’ll invite Elise and Nick over for dinner and see if the theory matches the reality. And I’ll let you know.

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