my friend the little IKEA shelf

Some things at IKEA are just great, aren’t they? If I had to pick my top 3 favourite IKEA things I think they would be

1. the cube shelves
2. the white photo frames and
3. the little white shelves (that you buy in the photo frame section).

If you asked for a top 5 I’d add in

4. their doona covers (cheap and often interesting) and
5. the six packs of wine glasses (because we’re always breaking wine glasses at our house) .


This little shelf is now providing extra storage/display space in our tiny bathroom.  Above our vanity and below our vintage mirror (I can’t remember where the mirror came from … maybe hard rubbish?).  And I also have another shelf like this one in the kitchen for my digital radio … Oh, and they are also handy in kids rooms.

These shelves get stuff off the bench, which is always a good thing I think.


An oil diffuser I made using an old bottle now resides on this little shelf. Matching in with all the other brown things.


This plant was given to me by Elise as part of our home made Christmas. She grew it from a cutting.  Which definitely makes it home made!  I am glad I have found a nice home for it.


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