driving shoes

imageI have this thing. What happens is that when I am sitting down, and my feet dangle because I can’t touch the ground (like ALWAYS on an aeroplane) I get this ache in my knee. Or, if I sit with my knees in a slightly awkward outstretched position for too long.  Like when I am driving …

And Elise gets it. And Dad gets it in the same place. So it’s a family thing.

But I have found a solution. When I am driving at least.  High heel shoes.

I often feel a bit OVERDRESSED rocking up to Merryn’s farm, or the beach, or a camping site in high heels. But it works. So I go there.

These are my latest driving heels. Corkies. They are super comfy. I bought them at the op shop.

The gold is a bit dressed up. The cork is a bit dressed down. Tan is a bit more casual than black?

These are my ‘driving shoes’ for summer 2014/15.

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