made in Japan (good vibrations)

I just couldn’t decide on the title to this post. So, in the end I have combined my ideas into one.

But cross-pollination is a bit of a theme for today … let me explain.

Rosebud has about 20 gazillion op shops. An oldie but a goodie is the Rosebud Hospital Op Shop, in a funny mixed use shopping court. And for years it has had a shonky neighbour in the form of Club X, and then Nepean Building Permits on the corner at the front … It’s an odd mix all round.

Whenever I drive in to the associated under-utilised car park I wonder which of the cars belong to the op shop and which to the Club X patrons. Immature I know, but it keeps me amused.

With this in mind I did a little bit of a double take today when I spotted this lovely green box in the op shop and went up for a closer look (just to clarify once again … the op shop is next to Club X, but is NOT Club X).


Yes. The writing says ‘national vibrator’.

Really? Really. How interesting. Actually I was nearly bursting at the seams to see what was inside. Truly.

But then I got a bit self conscious. I am not sure that used vibrators would be considered cool? And maybe people who look at them might be looked at oddly? And so I wandered over to look at these lovely cups, ‘made in Japan’. They are pretty groovy aren’t they?


I contemplated buying them … and waited for the loud op shop volunteer to MOVE AWAY FROM THE NATIONAL VIBRATOR BOX.

Finally she did. And then I sidled back for a second look. This time I opened the box to see what was inside … TA DA! … and it was made in Japan (too). And it made my day (too).  I really am clearly very immature.


So, what do you think?  Would you buy a National Vibrator from an op shop? It’s too funny isn’t it?


  1. 😂😂😂 I think I laughed as loud as you,….you really are funny Leanne, enjoy your day x


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