beach gear …

Here are my 2015 essential beach items. I think they are a nice mix of used and new.

1. Backpack.  I am using that great Marimekko one I got from the North Fitzroy Primary School fete. I am loving this bag, because in addition to my own gear I inevitably end up hauling towels, buckets, spades, rashies and boards down to the beach for the kids. I can load this up with my own stuff and easily carry the extra things separately in my red fold up Kathmandu bag (also second hand). And even though it is a backpack it looks nice.


2. Beach chair.  I had a swankier new one with a matching towel that Clive bought me for Christmas two years ago. But I spent too long sitting on it in the shallows at Rosebud reading and the material rotted and the joints rusted and I had to chuck it out. They just don’t make beach chairs like they used to … Back to the old op shop number … It’s just a pity it’s not red or black to match the rest of my beach stuff …


3. Hat and thongs. New.  This hat might be THE BEST HAT EVER!  It really keeps the sun out of my eyes.  Maybe I wouldn’t have so many squinting wrinkles if I owned a hat like this before now.  I got it from the Roxy outlet shop on Smith Street. And India and I bought new thongs at Ghanda in Lorne. 2 pairs for $15.


4.  Book(s). Second hand. Week 2 of the beach holidays and I now have 3 books finished and 3 on the go. I am trying to read grown-up serious and meaningful books that would be worth discussing with people – but as ever am getting distracted by lighter fiction (what I really want is for Susan Elizabeth Phillips to publish a new book or 10). That’s alright isn’t it? I think at some point in time one (that’s me I mean) has to accept one’s failings.

5. Bathers and top.  I bought these Esther Williams bathers down at Kiss Me Too, the clothes/hairdressing place at the Aireys bottom shops 3 years ago. They also sell them at Scally and Trombone on Brunswick Street. Or you can buy them online. I love them. And when I bought them the lady in the shop suggested this beach shirt to match. I tried it on and liked it, but didn’t buy it. But I kept thinking about it for the whole summer. And then … it just jumped out at me in the op shop a year later. Perfect. Coordinated beach outfit sorted.


Now all I need is a thin cotton (not terry towelling) towel. Elise has one that she bought in Robe. She says it’s super. And since she showed me hers I am noticing them everywhere … ALL the mums on the beach have them. And I just know that I NEED one too …

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