a stocktake for the new year

I have had so many internet access problems these holidays.  So please forgive my erratic posting!  Anyway, today is a decidedly first world problems and generally super cheery stocktake. That’s because life is good. Which really IS good right? Here we go. I am:

loving summer and the view out the window


trying to take a long walk every day

catching up on movies with the kids, watching How To Train Your Dragon 2 and A Little Princess

cooking paella with my new pan (my Christmas present from Clive)

reading a lot. I have just started The Secret River

enjoying coffee from this cup. I bought it for myself for $2 at the op shop


dreaming about lemon curd ice cream (there’s a new ice cream shop open near the Aireys Inlet General Store and it’s GOOD)

listening to the surf

looking forward to the spending a WHOLE day swimming

wishing for endless holidays

contemplating what I could cook next. I am keen to try these recipes from the Australian Gourmet Traveller Seafood cookbook (another #opshopbook)


buying house magazines (new)


meaning to find out about yoga on the beach (I’ve seen inspiring posters from a distance, but haven’t followed up the details)

feeling happy

I hope the New Year is proving good for you too!


  1. My view is different but my holiday is much the same: swimming, reading, patchy internet access (!), more reading, more swimming and wishing it would never end.


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