what i got at our second hand christmas

You know what?  Our second hand Christmas was great this year.  Again. What I like about a second hand Christmas is that it really doesn’t matter how much money you spent.  The price isn’t the point at all.  What everyone appreciates is the thought behind the present.  With a second Christmas the presents you get are personal.  Someone has seen something that reminds them of you. And bought it just for you.

For example, here’s some of what I got:

  • 3 serving platters from my Mum and Dad.  White with blue stripes.  Matching my willow pattern china.  Love.
  • a dress from Mezzy and Pricey (it’s a perfect beach dress and just what I need –  and Mez told me with delight that she got it in a ‘bag of clothes for $1’.  So that made it like 10 cents or something probably).
  • an Elizabeth David cookbook (second hand), a cooking blow torch (new) and some little baking dishes (second hand) from Elise and Nick.  I think Elise is suggesting I make creme brulee?!  Perhaps 2015 might be the year to master french cooking?




All presents just for me.  I am super happy.


  1. This is a brilliant way to spend Christmas! I’ve developed quite an op-shopping habit, looking for props for my food pics. The kids love it too and often find great gear. And you’re right – the gifts often mean so much more. This Christmas I found so much gear in op shops that my husband and kids would love that they all got op shoppy things. My Husband got a book of articles and essays on cricket which he loves so much he’s telling everyone about. The kids all got clothes, jewellery, books. Everyone happy!

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