our giant home made christmas stockings

How super are the kids Christmas stockings?

Merryn made them.  She made them for my kids and Elise’s kids and her own kids.  She started the tradition when India was little, and has diligently followed through (well done Mezzy – I haven’t done so well with my quilt making).

As you can see each stocking has a picture of the owner on it.  And their name appliqued on as well.

And the stockings are nice and big (some are bigger than others mind you), so they fit LOTS OF STUFF FROM SANTA.


We get them out on Christmas Eve. And think about Mezzy … and also think about all the presents that are going to fill them up!



  1. They are cute, sadly my inconsistencies in terms of measuring mean they are very different sizes. Perhaps I should have done a template first…………. although Annabelle, (with that long long name) is probably pretty happy with her humungous stocking.


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