holiday reading

I am accumulating a pile of books for the holidays. I am at least five years behind in my reading because I sort of gave up for a few years when the kids were young.

But I am getting back on track now. And now, luckily for me, lots of the books I meant to read in the last few years but just didn’t get to are at the op shop.


Did you notice they are all Australian authors … I have been on a bit of an Australian author jag this year.

So I can hardly wait to plonk my little beach chair on the sand, put  my hat and sunnies on and start reading (in between swimming). Oh summer holidays … see you in a couple of days.


  1. Happy reading – I would recommend joining goodreads – it’s a great way to keep track of books you hear about and want to read and was a good way to get back into reading. This year I did the Australian Women Writers Challenge and read a dozen books by female Australian authors when I realised that last year I read no books by Australian female authors. Oh and the Kate Grenville is a terrific and very powerful book.

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