Five fun things (still) at Vinnies in Kew

I have finished my second hand Christmas shopping. But I went to the op shop yesterday with Elise – just for moral support. I am such a kind sister!  She needed more presents. We have our family Christmas party the weekend before Christmas so that Mezzy can come down from Cavendish. That’s this weekend.

Anyway, while she shopped I mainly browsed (although I might have bought something*).

And here are some of the treasures I admired. If you rush down to Vinnies in Kew today, you never know your luck, these things might still be there …

1. How cool is this dinner set. $245. All the stuff on the table, and some larger tureens and platters on the sideboard. 28 pieces in total. How super would a dinner table look with this setting and my fab. tapestry on the wall above. So wiggy and wonderful! Not to everyone’s taste, I appreciate this, but still … so romantic …


2. Check out these four canisters. $25 is a bit rich I reckon. But you’ve gotta laugh at the label. Soup mix. Do you think that is referring to packets of dehydrated cream of chicken soup or to some sort of soup bean mix. If I had only four canisters I doubt that either of these would be my priority.



3. Lovely box. Lovely coasters. They are larger than drink coasters, smaller than placemats – ideal to put under platters when serving. I was truly tempted. $15.


4. A plastic fake wood grain cutlery tray. How fun! Only a few dollars. It’d go nicely with Lu’s concertina door, don’t you think?


5. This lovely copper fondue set. $6. I’d love it. And copper is so 2014. But I don’t have any room left in my kitchen. And really, I need a hot tub first. I am sure a hot tub is a prerequisite to a successful fondue night.  Don’t you think?

I hope you’re inspired.

* A striped singlet top and a great knee length denim skirt (for me). Less than $8 for the two.

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