stocktake – fairfield maker’s market

Are you sick of me making things?  I nearly am.  Well actually not really.  I LOVE making things.  But I have been making lots of stuff lately, and you might be getting bored.

Anyway, today is my day to stop making and get organised because TOMORROW is the Fairfield Maker’s Market and I need it all there to sell!  So my job today is to document what I have made to sell and then get it packed up in a box.  I might even take it up to school early … because tomorrow I have to get on with cooking the food for the event.

Anyway, first things first, my stocktake list for my stall. If I don’t do it here I probably wont EVER actually count everything, and then I’ll never know exactly what was sold.  Or else, I’ll write it on a scrap of paper and promptly lose it.  So this is good.


5 sets of dipped salad servers (I have one white and 5 black left from Art4All)

2 sets of little ceramic blue houses (last year’s Christmas project, but I note that this colour blue is the pantone colour of the year for 2015 so I was a good 12 months ahead of my time …) and 8 house brooches


12 knitted dish cloths


60 flags (I went a bit overboard when I started making these, clearly)


4 of the super necklaces I whipped up this week


12 hanging glass vases (everyone needs one or a pair of these I think)


3 white stars


10 driftwood and polymer bead mobiles

Ipad Download (November 2014) 1159

3 macrame planters in the shade of mustard (with accompanying pudding bowls and flowers if so desired)


5 suncathers (using beads recycled from other necklaces and a chandalier)


and 7 recycled chandalier necklaces (I love these)

Ipad Download (November 2014) 710


4 stools I have recovered (the two knitted foot stools and the two Australiana tea towel bar stools)


14 packets of 6 swing tags (for those that like their wrapping to look hand made but don’t want to actually make it themselves)


15 little necklaces.

Is that it?  I think there’s some more.  But I can’t think what.  Anyway, you should come along and buy some of this stuff so I don’t have to bring it home!


  1. What a great lot of stock to sell – can I please order a driftwood mobile?! You may have more to do today I am afraid – go look by your front door – little concrete pots await your creative flair…


  2. A great mix of goodies! the ceramic houses are super! And you’ve given me some ideas for the old chandelier in the shed that I found in hard rubbish!


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