an end of november stocktake

You may have noticed that I have made a few changes to my blog.  For example, a new heading.  And some page reorganisation.  And next week you might notice that it goes completely awry (I hope not, but I am going to change from to and you might have to be patient with me for a couple of days … fingers crossed it will be OK).

It’s all because I am getting super inspired by Blog With Pip – the Pip being Pip Lincolne.

You might know her blog Meet Me At Mikes or have popped in to her former shop on Brunswick Street that had the same name.  Or you might have read her crafty articles in Frankie magazine or own a craft book that she has written.  Or you mightn’t know her at all of course.

Anyway, she has been blogging for years, and has done heaps of great creative stuff and for four weeks she is sharing her extensive knowledge with a group of about 10 people who have signed up for her online course.  Including me.  So I am reading interesting articles about blogging, doing fun projects and learning lots of new things.  And asking lots of questions. And changing things.  I am loving it.

The project for week two is for me to take stock.  Which is actually a really fun thing to do.  So here’s my end-of-November-2014 stocktake.

I am currently

  • learning heaps about blogging (obviously)
  • practicing taking better photos (have you noticed?)
  • working on build a swankier blog
  • and wanting more time to do all this stuff before the four weeks are up.

I have also been

  • making things for the school makers market on 12 December, including these.  And the little hanging jars at the top of the post
  • wondering if this is really what I sound like (this was my project for week one) – I guess it probably is
  • coveting a swimming pool (our friends up the road have one and now I want one too – I sound like I’m three years old don’t I).
  • wearing clothes from the op shop with my new Elk jewellery and shoes (how good was that sale?)
  • cleaning my studio
  • ignoring the mess in the rest of the house
  • wishing I was way cooler than I really am painting wind turbines and glamping here
  • vicariously holidaying in rural Japan here
  • looking forward to the next 24 hours – it’s an action packed agenda with India playing soccer at half time at AAMI park, a dancing concert (all 3 girls) and a 40th birthday party – and I’ve got to remember to vote
  • contemplating whether I can fit in a visit to this warehouse sale tomorrow as well.  It looks like it will be great (you should go along if you can)
  • (and a related one) finishing my Christmas shopping.  Well I am trying any way.  My aim is to finish by the end of November.

All this while

  • thinking about five weeks of holidays (I can hardly wait now…oh, that reminds me, I had better pay for camping ASAP)

That’s it.  What about you?  What are you up to?


  1. You are a Busy girl Leanne! It all sounds very exciting though. I do want a swimming pool too. Best of luck with everything !


  2. That all sounds very exciting! I love the new header. Thx for the tip on the Elk sale too -got some great stuff.


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