sometimes I buy new stuff (elk sale)

The Elk sale is on. Til Sunday. 296 Plenty Road, Preston (just north of Bell Street on the right hand side heading outbound). How super. I love a bargain.

I went yesterday. I was at Savers at 2pm on Sydney Road, Brunswick waiting to go into the change room when I suddenly remembered it was on. I just put all my stuff straight down and left. I felt like someone in a TV ad.  The girl at the change room door was a little miffed I think.

But I knew it was going to be good (even better than Savers) and I wanted to get there before school pick up.

And it was. I am going back today to buy some Christmas presents. Because with less than an hour to shop yesterday it was (pretty much) all about me!

Rings $2. Brooches $5. Necklaces $15. Shoes from $30. Handbags (you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t buy one – I’ve now got enough bags to sink a ship) and clothes.

Love. Love. Love.

Here’s what I got …

two pairs of shoes, 3 necklackes, a hat and two brooches ...

two pairs of shoes, 3 necklackes, a hat and two brooches … I’d just been thinking I needed a new hat

And out the front another shop, Notebook. All about stationery.  And other bits and bobs that I want to look at better.

I reckon Clive’s mum and four sisters would love some Elk jewellery for Christmas … don’t you?

A nice necklace would be the perfect accompaniment to a home made knitted dish cloth …. Well maybe not …

Maybe I’ll see you there today?


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