another day, another (persian) rug

IMG_7161A couple of weeks ago my friend Sarah moved house. She moved in to a brand-spanking-new house that she had built. It is so nice … no breezes through the floorboards, double glazed windows, great northern light. I can see the appeal. And I offered to help unpack. She didn’t want to impose I don’t think, until I carried on about how moving houses is one of my most favourite activities in the whole world.

Really …I actually truly mean it. I just love going from crazy chaos to calming neatness and finding a place for everything with everything in its place.

And one of my other most favourite activities is rearranging. The pleasure is all in the same vein. Chaos to calm, a home for everything …

I helped Elise recently. We rearranged around a new (to her) red rug. It took a whole day. But it was worth it. See?


It’s a really nice Persian one. And it now looks super with the red chairs she owns. And the dark brown leather lounge. And how wonderful does the head dress look on the wall.  It is now the thing you see when you look down the hall.   Elise and Nick bought it in PNG and had it framed.

I think I’ve said it before, I so love houses like this …. rugs, art, books, plants. A mismatched second hand chair or two.   A good amount of colour.  It just looks so lived in and friendly, don’t you think?

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