a little spanish bite (pintxo)

I am still a little obsessed with Spanish cooking.  It is my current ‘go to’ for visitors.  And I have been investigating tapas.  I need some entrees to my paella.


Pintxo or pincho are basically tapas on skewers/toothpicks. I think they originated in the Basque region.  When I went to Naked in the Sky I had them. And they were a great start to the night.  So, I thought I would make some at home.

These simple tasty pintxo are so easy to make.

All you do is just put green chilli peppers, manchego cheese and olives on a toothpick.  Delicious.

You can buy these ingredients at delis and supermarkets with a Mediterranean bent all over Melbourne. The chillies come in a jar.


This time I bought big green olives marinated with fennel and preserved lemon.  And I cut them up before I put them on the toothpick. Or you could buy smaller pitted olives and put them straight on the toothpick.  This might be a bit more straightforward (I did have a few techinical issues with pitting giant olives …)

You can eat these pintxo by themselves.  They are perfect accompanied by a dry sherry (yes, I know, sorta Nanna … but sorta cool).



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