too busy with tidy work to blog

When I was a teenager my Dad suggested we build chute or some sort of funnel shaped contraption in my wardrobe, so that I could just toss my clothes in the top, and pull them out from the bottom. And I will never forget when I was a student how the police. who came by to dust for fingerprints after our house was robbed, thought the robbers had trashed the place.  Uh, no … I have just never been that tidy at home.

Although, I always like a perfectly clean desk at work, and as I no longer go to work, and thus home has turned into work, I have transfered my preference for a neat desk to an interest in a clean house.  But I am more into appearances than some, I suspect.  Open any cupboard and something is more than likely to fall out. Really.  Out of sight = job done.  That’s my cleaning motto.

So, I just want to say …. how tidy is my wardrobe? My wardrobe never looks like this. Ever. This is a first. The first time in my whole life (I think)  that I have folded all my clothes, paired my shoes and had everything hanging … at the same time. Which is why I am sharing it with the world.

Yesterday India was home sick and thus I was stuck at home and so I decided to do a big clean out of the wardrobes.  I did my wardrobe, and the three girls.  Only size 9 and 10 for India, only size 7 and 8 for Jemima, only size 6 for Scarlett.  These rules were a big help.

As I folded the clothes I thought to myself, if only someone who would appreciate my efforts could see this … ‘if only Aileen could see this!’ because Aileen is the tidiest person I know.

And then … Aileen came past to drop some stuff off.  What are the chances?  When she arrived I admit the house was quite disorganised … everywhere.  Aileen’s assessment was something along the lines of ‘Leanne, your house doesn’t look like this on the blog’. True … if I have one photographic skill it is that I know how to crop.

So, lucky Aileen … I cajoled her in to the bedroom to admire my tidy work… even though she was running late for work.  And actually, I don’t  think she was that impressed. She suggested colour coordinating my piles …. And now I think about it I admit that my folding sometimes looks a bit like rolling … and I never iron* … oh, maybe I shouldn’t really be as proud as I am …

Anyway, by 2.30pm I had the best kids clothes bagged up to hand on to other lucky families (sharing the love) and clothes with good ‘labels’ packed in boxes to keep for the school fete next year.


you have to admit I was quite brave in taking all this to the op shop on the very same day I cleaned it out of the wardrobes …

And … in another first I put all the op shop bags in the car and took them straight to the op shop. I am practising letting go … It’s funny that I am so attached because most of the things were second hand in the first place.

Oh, and I did have a browse at the op shop while I was there and might**  have bought something as well.

* when I was at Merryn’s farm last week she had quote by Erma Bombeck on her blackboard that read, ‘ My second, second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.’  … I think it’s a family thing.

** of course I did!  Two picture frames.


  1. Love your motto…..out of site=job done. ☺. But your robe does look fabulous with all clothes folded, and hanging etc. Nice work-you should be proud

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