outdoor living is the best

Spring has sprung and summer is on it’s way.  Our little house gets a new lease of life when we can entertain outside.  The weather has been lovely lately and we have already had a few BBQs and people over for meals.

My outdoor setting is a fully second hand and mended affair.  A couple of years ago Elise spotted 3 matching tables on the side of the road.  She put them in her car and brought them home to me.  They were a bit wonky with some of the timber rotting, so Dad kindly fixed them for me for Christmas.  He painted the metal and replaced all the wood.


I love them.  They are super practical because I can move them around easily, and I can group them in 2 or 3, or dot them separately around the garden. And they are not too wide, so they fit nicely on our paving under our grape vine.

But I didn’t have the right seats for them.  And I have been looking out religiously. Then, one day out of the blue Alieen and Kyle just offered me chairs in the exact style I was after. Kyle picked them up from a friend’s business, and thought of me … How lucky am I?


They are perfect.  And I love the colour.  That petrol blue is smack bang in my most favourite colour range.

Thanks Elise for doing the hard rubbish collecting, thanks Dad for doing the mending, thanks Kyle and Aileen for thinking of me!

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