making some little flags with material scraps

I am using up some of the material left over from other projects, and some material I bought at op shops and making these little flags.

You can put them in with flowers or foliage to add a bit of character, or stick them in with your pot plants.


They are quite handy at my house because I mainly have a native garden, and it often doesn’t have very showy flowers.  These little flags add a bit of zing to the flowers I pick.


I have made a  whole heap of them.  I might sell them at the  makers market at Christmas.  The orange one is old sheet material (I have an interest in collecting sheets with nice patterns) and the blue and green fabrics are left over from Hughie’s quilt (mostly I think).  And the pink material is left over from when I made baby slings for the kids when they were little.


The black and white fabric was an impulse purchase from Spotlight (every time I go there I impulse shop, keep me away!) the other week … it was on sale.  And it does look good.

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